EA reveal plans to release Apex Legends on mobile devices

EA have confirmed that they plan to release Apex Legends on mobile devices, as part of their conference call on May 7.

The battle royale genre was taken by storm when Respawn Entertainment launched Apex Legends on February 4, and its success has sent a message to EA to get it into more players’ hands.

Apex Legends hit the ground running as soon as it launched as it garnered a massive player base of 50 million players in record time. But that number is soon to grow even further with plans to bring it to more consoles.


In a May 7 conference call, EA announced their plans to bring the popular shooter to more platforms as it looks to further grow the number of combatants to land in King’s Canyon.

In the meeting, the publisher confirmed that their battle royale was their fastest growing new game with around 30% of Apex players being new to EA products. With that in mind, the company said they’ll be focusing on delivering new content throughout a “long term service” which will include new Legends and the like.

The incredible rise in popularity has led the publisher to look into the possibilities of releasing Apex Legends to more gaming platforms as well as bigger markets.

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